Our Vision

To build a family business that will thrive for years to come!  Music is our passion, after many years of being involved in the music industry we decided to challenge ourselves.  The challenge is to put together a music making laboratory with attention to detail.  Creating a new sound or style is one step in our vision. Building a talented team that will grow and contribute to Roll Da Dice Studio is another step moving forward. People are skeptical when it comes to the music industry with who they can trust. History tells us that you better be careful in your journey down the path of seeking music fame. That is something we understand clearly, we also have to be careful who we trust. So we will take this path together with an attentive approach. Roll Da Dice Studio Co founders leading the way.

robbin williams

Our Story

Roll Da Dice is not just the name of the studio, it is a metaphor for  taking a chance, meaning in life we are set up to take chances.  Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose but never give up!  As cousins, we are like minded individuals.  Phil completed a music and recording course at the Bakersfield Music & Recording Studios.  Together we came up with an idea for our own recording studio. We began to research what this idea would entail.  After weighing the pros and cons we decided to move forward with our plan. Me and Jay have a long healthy history as family, I couldn’t ask for a better partner. Music has been the foundation of our relationship. Time, money and blood was sacrificial in a positive manner. Being in this business as long as I have,  you will give up all three, its just the nature of the game. On a positive note I would like to believe we made the sacrifices for those of you interested in working with Roll Da Dice Studio. Co founders of Roll Da Dice Studio share an obligated duty to protect anyone involved with us,”privacy or physically.” Me and Jay are some solid fair individuals that know the meaning of respect for others, we have no tolerance for shady disrespectful people. If you want to pay for our services or learn from a couple of real OGs in the music game check us out,  you won’t be disappointed. Further more I been a Party promoter and coordinator for 15 years, Dj for 25 years, Karaoke Dj with Red House Production for the last 8 years and now we own our own recording studio. Instead of playing other talented peoples music which I still do, we make our own music!

Meet the Team

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Jay Hernandez

Founder & CEO

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Phil Fernandez

Founder & CEO

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Include a short bio with an interesting fact about the person.

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