Professional Recording

Looking for affordable studio time! Prices without sacrificing quality? Look no further! Roll Da Dice Studio is your one stop in house shop. RDDS is here for you, let us show you your capabilities and take your vocal recordings to the next level. The experience alone is amazing! In the music industry it would be great to win a Grammy! Another great experience and it will be fun, to have your self recorded on a track we can set up for you, so you can share it with family and friends. RDDS is putting the fun back into making music!

Beat Making

RDDS is not one dimensional, we are open to all genres and sounds: Music of all genres, Movie sound tracks, Jingles, commercial beats and the list goes on! RDDS will guide you on this musical journey, exploring a path that emerges your sound sense with euphoric results. Creativity and vision mode will follow and release your hidden music talent. RDDS knows this through experience and we want to share that experience with you,”Its exciting and fun!”

Music Producing Course

Intro to Ableton 10 Standard DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

Basic Studio Setup:  PC Requirements, Interface, Peripherals, Sampling, sound shopping, creating using audio tracks inputs plug ins, imports, exports, creating music


Tools for creating and producing music using multiple tracks, audio effects, plugins, basic live recording, sampling, remixing, Midi Controller, drum racks, and synths sounds.


Beat making, sampling vinyl, chopping, hooks and melodies, arrangement, time stretching, tempo, warping, editing, export sounds, and overall mastering.

Prior to completion, you will have the skill set to produce and create your own sound.

A copy of your creation/music on a flash drive included!

Certificate of completion from Roll Da Dice Studio

DJ Services

That’s right, RDDS is all about the music. You need a Dj or want to learn how to be a Dj. Services cover all occasions and we do offer lessons with the guarantee to Dj your own gig,”Depending on age” with the completion of your lessons. I started my career as a Dj now I’m starting to produce my own music. I played other peoples music for decades but now its time for the Djs to play my music. A wonderful musical journey it has been. As a Dj, one of the best feelings in the world is when the people are on the dance floor dancing to your song selection, the message it sends, is that you all are sharing a positive vibe and the connection is mind blowing. You have the creativity power to get the people to get up and dance and go with the moment. Its hypnotic!

Karaoke Services

Hosting a Karaoke event is like being a music scout in some sense. Exposure to talent of all ages. We set up and prepare sound for live events. Audio Engineering is in the best interest at all time. Its a time to be spot lighted glorified! Its the special engagement for the occasion. I been hosting Karaoke events for several years now. No longer am I singing just in the shower or car. I’m singing at the club and gatherings. It has opened other doors as well. My 9 year old is singing and is getting over her shyness and other families members, like my cousin/partner Jay is singing. Everyone is singing joyfully and having fun! Get involved in the movement.

RDDS in Summary

RDDS is a home base/mobile professional studio with the goal of owning a larger studio asap. We have the recording studio, one goal acquired, next we will have the official location. We have access to a larger music and recording studio if necessary. RDDS is a business, but it can not be a successful business without the humor,”To be successful you have to enjoy what your doing, right!” RDDS works, laugh and we enjoy what were doing, It’s a nice chemistry! Check us out for positive results, you won’t be disappointed. We haven’t mentioned prices yet because were still working on fair and laxed prices. RDDS is open for business. Website still under construction. We can be reached at 661-431-2208


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